The Joy Of Life

Competition Entry 'Lights on Tampa 2020'
City of Tampa, Florida, USA

'We have gone ahead at breakneck speed, feeling powerful and able to do anything. Greedy for profit, we let ourselves get caught up in things, and lured away by haste. We did not stop at your reproach to us, we were not shaken awake by wars or injustice across the world, nor did we listen to the cry of the poor or of our ailing planet. We carried on regardless, thinking we would stay healthy in a world that was sick.'

Pope Francis
Corona Virus - pray for the world
Sagrato of St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome, March 27th 2020

We must care to prosper

Michael called his vision for Tampa “The Joy of Life” and meant it to be a symbol of the beauty of creation, the beauty of nature, a beauty that in its diversity mankind must honor and perpetuate.

When he received the request from Tampa if he would be interested to design an artistic light Installation he immediately said “YES!” – already knewing what he wanted to do: a ballerina of the skies, a bird moving effortlessly between the elements of our world, arising from the water dancing towards new heights: an expression of the pure zest for life, a playful joie de vivre –the joy to live.

The glistening reflections of the splashing sea should give rise to an elegant bird, a dancer of the skies: The flamboyant roseate spoonbill became the inspiration. This fascinating creature has nesting areas at Tampa bay, a species at the brink of extinction in the late 1800s – early 1900s, hunted just for their beautifully colored feathers.

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Public Art at Rockefeller Plaza

Joie – Crystal Water Fall

Top of the Rock 
Rockefeller Center

Let´s merry, an ice-scater dancing on a snowflake on the Rockefeller Center icerink celebrating Michael Hammers´ Swarovski Star 2013

Let´s Merry.

Jubilee! 10th season of the Swarovski Star crowning the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree...

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The Master of the Stars  - Gigantic Christmas Stars by Michael Hammers

To New York With Love

The 85th Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting 2017 

Top of the Rock - Radiance

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