Michael Hammers

Michael Hammers is a man possessed, a visionary, putting art into architecture. His artistic spontaneity, sensitivity and technical inventiveness is ingenious, creating uniqueness for clients all over the world.

Michael Hammers’ unique vision has enhanced the experience for visitors to Rockefeller Center and Top of the Rock Observation Deck. His memorable installation of Top of the Rock’s Radiance, a massive crystal geode wall, and Joie, an impressive crystal waterfall chandelier, has delighted guests from around the world.

His collaboration with Tim Noble and Sue Webster on the 2008 exhibition in Rockefeller Plaza of their monumental light sculpture Electric Fountain, was a perfect complement to the Center’s iconic architecture.

Hammers’ work is also seen in the stunning Swarovski star that tops the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and impresses millions of spectators who visit us during the holidays each year.

Tom A. Madden, Jr.
Managing Director, Rockefeller Center New York

“Take things as they come: Follow your heart and sometimes you get lucky.”

When Michael Hammers first became a smith, an ironworker, he couldn’t really imagine how this would work out for him. Today his projects are based not only on his personal ability to craft, but his mixture of artistic talent, ambition, vision and enchantment is what has made him renowned. All materials become his materials, his aesthesia and artistic spontaneity in combination with his technical inventiveness is singular in today’s world of specialists.

Michael is a visionary, an artificer and also a performer, singer, chef: A character. His forceful personality ceaselessly urges himself and others always to move and create, engages diverse groups of people to participate in his activities and performances all over the world. His Studios are Michael Hammers’ personal vision of a shop, where artists, architects, engineers and craftsmen break down professional and cultural barriers that abound and work together under one roof. “Take things as they come: Follow your heart and sometimes you get lucky.”


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